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The Layer

A 45 minutes, no budget, suspense/action adventure short film shot entirely in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Produced by Covert Film

A 45 minute, no budget, suspense/action/thriller shot entirely in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Currently it is entered into Film Festivals around the nation & available to watch online (details below). 


"The Layer" is a project we've been working on for the past two years. I wrote the screenplay as my senior project in High School. 

Part way through the process we decided that we had access to enough talent/equipment that we should try and do the unthinkable: make a no-budget, 45 minute film that looked like Hollywood.

All the actors were volunteers and friends. We had a lot of fun problem solving and shooting a rather complex storyline over a long time span.

It's been a phenomenal, nerve wracking, wouldn't trade it for the world, type of experience.

-Luke Covert